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Have you been arrested and need to appear in Airmont Justice Court? You need an experienced attorney to represent you. Getting charged with a crime or a DWI / DUI can be very daunting. Call us today for your FREE consultation with attorney Jonathan B. Ripps.

Airmont is located in Rockland County and is a Village within the Town of Ramapo. The address is 251 Cherry Ln, Airmont, NY 10952, and is located just down the road from Wendy’s on Route 59. DWI cases can be very tricky, and the court may be required to suspend your license upon arraignment (your first appearance). It is very rare that DWI, or other crime can be resolved on your first appearance date.

Airmont has two judges. Judge Anthony Benedict and Judge Karen Riley hear the civil and criminal matters. Jonathan B. Ripps is a criminal and DWI defense attorney, and appears in Airmont on a regular basis.