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The Top Criminal Defense Attorney New City, NY & Surrounding Areas Offer

The Law Office Of Jonathan B. Ripps offers high-quality legal representation for those accused of committing a wide array of crimes. A skilled criminal attorney, and former Assistant District Attorney, Jonathan Ripps is capable of securing favorable resolutions or dropped charges for his valued clients. He is an especially reliable attorney for those dealing with traffic or criminal charges such as Driving While Intoxicated, drug offenses, assault charges, larcenies and ALL other crimes.

Rockland Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment law covers a broad range of issues in the entertainment industry, including advertising, intellectual property and agency contracts. Much of the work of an entertainment law practice like the Law Office of Jonathan Ripps is transaction based but can include arbitration or litigation. As an entertainment lawyer, attorney Jonathan Ripps helps clients build and protect their careers. Additionally, Jonathan Ripps also works in talent management in the entertainment industry.

Rockland Personal Injury Lawyer

In the aftermath of an incident that involves physical or emotional trauma as a result of negligence, it is very important for the victim to seek legal representation from a trusted lawyer. The right personal injury attorney can help victims obtain compensation for their suffering. Ultimately, this makes it easier for victims to move on with their lives. No matter the nature of your current personal injury case, you can count on the Law Offices of Jonathan B. Ripps for excellent legal service.

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