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Have you received a traffic ticket in the Town of Tuxedo Justice Court? You are not alone. Tuxedo is a very busy court, located in Orange County. The speed limit is strictly enforced on their roadways. We appear in the Tuxedo Justice Court frequently, and have obtained favorable results for our clients. Additionally, we are able to appear on your behalf, alleviating your need to personally appear. Retaining a lawyer to represent you can save you time and result in a ticket being reduced or dismissed. Don’t simply pay your ticket, it can result your insurance premiums being increased, as well as expensive New York State DMV fees / assessments. Tuxedo has a Town Attorney’s Office that prosecutes the traffic matters on behalf of the officer that issued the summons. We can meet with them, and negotiate a beneficial resolution. The Town of Tuxedo Police and State Police are the main agencies that patrol the Town of Tuxedo.

If you have a ticket pending in the Tuxedo Justice Court, call Jonathan B. Ripps today, an experienced attorney, to represent your best interests and obtain a favorable resolution, no matter what the circumstances.