Jonathan B. Ripps: Rockland DWI and Criminal Defense Attorney – Traffic Defense and Entertainment Law

The Law Office of Jonathan B. Ripps is a trusted legal resource in and around Rockland County. The law firm handles a variety of legal matters, including DWI charges, Vehicle and Traffic matter, personal injury cases and entertainment law concerns. Whether you require criminal defense, help with some tickets or personal injury representation, you can count on Jonathan Ripps for excellent legal service.

Do You Need An Attorney?

In the aftermath of an arrest, traffic charges or an injury resulting from somebody’s else’s negligence, you may wonder whether it is worth pursuing legal representation. The importance of working with a trusted lawyer will depend on the nature of your case, but when criminal defense is involved, it is definitely a good idea to have a trusted legal advocate at your side. Without proper legal counsel, you could face severe repercussions, including license revocation, hefty fines and even time behind bars. However, with the assistance of Jonathan Ripps, it may be possible to achieve a reduced sentence or have your charges dropped altogether. Every case will have weaknesses, and we can find them. As a former Assistant District Attorney, Jonathan Ripps is well equipped to handle your matter from the inception of the case, and lead you to a great result with a favorable resolution.

Legal counsel may not seem quite as essential in personal injury cases as it is for those accused of committing crimes, but it still can prove incredibly useful. The financial burden related to medical malpractice, car accidents and other incidents involving negligence can be significantly eased with the help of a personal injury settlement — and the chances of winning such a settlement are far greater if you are assisted by a proactive legal representative.

Practice Areas At The Law Office Of Jonathan B. Ripps

Jonathan Ripps works with a wide array of clients in the Rockland area.  He has spent two decades helping those in need of a criminal defense attorney, primarily for those accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, drug charges, larcenies, assaults, criminal mischief, harassment, disorderly conduct and ANY other crime or traffic offense. Additionally, in the midst of complicated personal injury cases, Jonathan can help clients achieve the compensation they deserve in the aftermath of severe physical, emotional and financial suffering. Lastly, as an entertainment lawyer, Jonathan Ripps deals with the complexities of the entertainment industry and the legal system.

The Law Offices Of Jonathan B. Ripps: A Trusted Legal Resource For  Residents of Rockland and surrounding counties

If you live in Rockland, Orange or Westcheter Counties and believe that you could benefit from sound legal advice and representation, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with the Law Offices of Jonathan B. Ripps. A trusted lawyer with a stellar reputation in and around Rockland and surrounding counties, Jonathan Ripps is capable of securing favorable case resolutions for a wide array of clients.

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