Rockland Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment law covers a broad range of issues in the entertainment industry, including advertising, intellectual property and agency contracts. Much of the work of an entertainment law practice like the Law Office of Jonathan Ripps is transaction based but can include arbitration or litigation. As an entertainment lawyer, attorney Jonathan Ripps helps clients build and protect their careers. Additionally, Jonathan Ripps also works in talent management in the entertainment industry.

The Categories of Entertainment Law: Attorney Jonathan Ripps

Entertainment law is divided into areas that have their own specific trade unions, rules and negotiation strategies.

  • Film: Covers talent agreements with actors, film directors, production designers and more. Generally, it includes issues related to trademarks, distribution and copyright.
  • Music: This area also covers talent agreements and synchronization rights.
  • Multimedia: Includes information technology law, software licensing issues and general intellectual property rights.
  • Television and Radio: This area covers broadcasting licensing, mechanical licenses and intellectual property rights.
  • Publishing: The publishing category covers author agreements, advertising and print media issues.
  • Visual Arts and Design: Includes issues of consignment of artworks and issues related to the protection of graphic design elements.
  • Theater: The theater category includes co-production agreements, performance issues and rental agreements.

How the Law Office of Jonathan Ripps Helps Those in the Entertainment Industry

Attorney Jonathan Ripps is highly knowledgeable in contract law. He also helps clients negotiate contracts within the television industry. His goal is to attain the best deal for his clients. It’s always important for those in the entertainment industry to understand what performing rights they have, and attorney Jonathan Ripps helps clients understand how the entertainment business works. As counsel for established artists, he has assisted with tax issues, marketing and merchandising deals. He helps clients comply with copyright laws.

If someone has lifted some of your song lyrics, you’ll want an entertainment attorney with knowledge in both intellectual property and music law. Attorney Jonathan fits the bill. He can assist you in taking the music thief to court or settling the issue through arbitration.

While an entertainment agent can offer advice, the Law Office of Jonathan Ripps has the legal knowledge and experience to help prevent potential problems down the road and handle existing issues. Let their experience work for you.

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