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Facebook Hoax: No Need to Cut and Paste Any Legal Notice on Your Profile! Jonathan Bradford Ripps, Esq.

Law Office of Jonathan B. Ripps
Sept. 28, 2015

Facebook HOAX: “Better Safe Than Sorry” – don’t fall for it!

Every year, I see a tremendous amount of Facebook users cutting and pasting the same legal notice that advises Facebook and the rest of the world that their posts are not to be used, etc., etc. This is a myth, a HOAX.

First, Facebook does NOT own any of the materials that you post, such as your photos. However, if you post publicly, anyone can see those contents and there is no way to gauge what the public may do with your materials. It is important to note that Facebook does not make any claim of ownership of such property in their agreement. Secondly, even if Facebook did claim ownership, and you agreed to that by “clicking to accept the agreement”, one cannot simply make a “public” announcement that they do not agree with a term any longer. That is not effective measure. See the Snopes article below for more information. AND PLEASE STOP CUTTING AND PASTING THE LEGAL NOTICE! It is NOT better to be safe than sorry!