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DWI Checkpoints This Week! Be Smart! July 04, 2018

Law Office of Jonathan B. Ripps
July 4, 2018

Hello all – as we celebrate another birthday for America, please be mindful of others on the road. Having fun with libations is absolutely fine….just be careful how you get to and from. And, watch for those on the road that are not using prudent judgment. Seatbelts are a must! There is nothing worse than hurting yourself or even worse, hurting others on such a special day.

If you find yourself wrapped up with legal issues, please call my office so we can help guide you and navigate you through the very difficult and complicated process of the legal system. You should know that getting charged with an alcohol-related offense while driving will result in your driving privileges being suspended. However, it’s possible to preserve your license for work purposes. Not being able to travel for work can have a devastating impact. We can help protect your ability to keep working.  Let us help you with your situation, we have seen it all.

Jonathan Ripps appears in all of the area courts, Rockland, Orange, and Westchester Counties. He is a leading DWI, DWAI, and DWAI-Drugs defense attorney. He can help you tackle any crime that you may find yourself involved with. Call Jonathan Ripps, located in Rockland County, NY at 845-709-6644 for any legal needs or questions. Our consultations are FREE!

Have a safe Holiday!