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DWI and Refusing to Submit to a Breathalyzer – Orange Rockland Westchester

Law Office of Jonathan B. Ripps
Sept. 24, 2015

If you have been stopped for DWI / DUI / DWAI, you will most likely be asked to undergo some field sobriety tests. These could include the Gaze Nystagmus Test (where you are asked to follow an object with your eyes), the Walk and Turn test, Alphabet test, Finger To Nose test, or some other similar tests. You may even be asked to submit to a roadside test called an Alcosensor. This is a small device that can be utilized in order to see if you have alcohol in your system. This is NOT to be confused with an actual breathalyzer machine, which is administered at the police department. Additionally, if you are suspected to have a substance other than alcohol in your system that has impaired your ability to drive, you may also be asked to submit to additional tests by a DRE, or a Drug Recognition Expert. In the event the police would like a breath, blood or urine sample to analyze, you will be given standard warnings  about submitting to such a test. In a nutshell, in the event you don’t submit to a test, and you knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently refuse to submit to a breath or blood/urine test, your license WILL BE SUSPENDED AND POSSIBLY REVOKED FOR ONE YEAR on your first court date. CALL OUR OFFICE prior to your first court date so that you can have the benefit of counsel appearing at your arraignment and make any necessary arguments with regard to your license. There are severe, long term effects that may result from your refusal to submit to a chemical test. CALL US TODAY in order to discuss this crucial issue.

Have you been arrested for a DWI / DUI / DWAI in Rockland, Orange or Westchester County? If your case involves a refusal to take a chemical test, you have many more issues on your case that need to be addressed immediately. Call (845) 209-0223 to get an attorney for defend your DWI / Criminal  matter.  We appear in ALL of the area courts, as well as courts Upstate. Jonathan Ripps is an experienced lawyer and he is ready to assist you now.