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My Teenager: Marijuana / Alcohol Possession Rockland County – All Towns.

So, it’s late Saturday night, and you get that dreaded from call from the town police that your kid is being held for you to pick up. When you arrive, you are handed a summons for underage possession of an alcoholic beverage, or even worse, a summons for a marijuana offense. What should you do? Do you need an attorney? Can you handle this by yourself? Please keep in mind that a marijuana conviction (even if non-criminal) can have a negative impact on your child’s ability to receive financial aid for college. Call us to discuss how we can assist you and achieve a favorable resolution that won’t impact your child’s future.

If you have been charged with a marijuana, drug or alcohol offense, call Suffern defense attorney Jonathan Ripps, a former Assistant District Attorney for Rockland County. We appear in ALL courts in the area and are ready to assist you with your defense needs.