Been caught stealing? Suffern Defense Attorney

We are seeing more and more young people arrested for stealing from local stores, including Walmart in Tallman: We can help you or your child if an arrest occurs.

You see that clothing item in the store, you really want it. But it’s overpriced, and buying it is out of your range. In a moment of weakness, your judgment flies out of the window, and you take the item off the rack or shelf, and walk around the store pretending to browse. Then you slip the item into your bag, and foolishly think no one is watching. But, you couldn’t be more wrong, because the tiny camera above you is being used by someone hidden behind closed doors. As you work your way out of the store, you suddenly feel a tap on your shoulder, and are asked by someone in plain clothes to stop and come with them back into the store. You are arrested for the crime of larceny and now have to see a judge. We can help you. Call us immediately, as handling a larceny case is not so simple. Don’t let one bad decision wreck your future. Call us to discuss your options, and let us help you prevent a criminal conviction.

Kentucky Clerk Jailed – Clarkstown and Ramapo criminal attorney to help in New City, Suffern

KENTUCKY CLERK FOUND IN CONTEMPT AND JAILED! Now, I’m not a fortune teller and I don’t have a crystal ball, but if you see my comments in other threads, I predicted this, but I’m late. I thought it would happen yesterday. It is an obvious result. And may I add, she is an idiot. Her preaching is absolutely baseless given her 3 divorces. Enjoy! Let’s see how long she holds out.…/rowan-county-ky-court-c…/71635794/

Synthetic Weed-MUST READ – Law Office of Jonathan Ripps

Synthetic weed….legal and awesome, right? WRONG. Spice, K2 or whatever else it’s called has had a devastating impact on our youth. It was also the substance used by inmates in the Westchester County Jail last month, and put a dozen of them in the hospital. Please share this video with your youngsters, as the product is aimed (literally) at our kids. The damage caused can take many different forms, but simply said….STAY AWAY FROM THIS STUFF!…/synthetic-pot-warning-spice-users-do…

My Teenager: Marijuana / Alcohol possession Rockland County – all towns.

So, it’s late Saturday night, and you get that dreaded from call from the town police that your kid is being held for you to pick up. When you arrive, you are handed a summons for underage possession of an alcoholic beverage, or even worse, a summons for a marijuana offense. What should you do? Do you need an attorney? Can you handle this by yourself? Please keep in mind that a marijuana conviction (even if non-criminal) can have a negative impact on your child’s ability to receive financial aid for college. Call us to discuss how we can assist you and achieve a favorable resolution that won’t impact your child’s future.

If you have been charged with a marijuana, drug or alcohol offense, call Suffern defense attorney Jonathan Ripps, a former Assistant District Attorney fo Rockland County. We appear in ALL courts in the area and are ready to assist you with your defense needs.

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