Hello all – as we celebrate another birthday for America, please be mindful of others on the road. Having fun with libations is absolutely fine….just be careful how you get to and from. And, watch for those on the road that are not using prudent judgment. Seatbelts are a must! There is nothing worse than hurting yourself or even worse, hurting others on such a special day.

If you find yourself wrapped up with legal issues, please call my office so we can help guide you and navigate you through the very difficult and complicated process of the legal system. You should know that getting charged with an alcohol related offense while driving will result in your driving privileges being suspended. However, it’s possible to preserve your license for work purposes. Not being able to travel for work can have a devastating impact. We can help protect your ability to keep working.  Let us help you with your situation, we have seen it all.

Jonathan Ripps appears in all of the area courts, Rockland, Orange and Westchester Counties. He is a leading DWI, DWAI, and DWAI-Drugs defense attorney. He can help you tackle any crime that you may find yourself involved with. Call Jonathan Ripps, located in New City, NY at 845-709-6644 for any legal needs or questions. Our consultations are FREE!



DWI CHECKPOINTS THIS WEEKEND! Criminal Defense Attorney – Rockland County Lawyer

Hello All!

Please be mindful this weekend. There is nothing wrong with knocking down a few beers or cocktails this holiday weekend. BUT, if you do, let someone else who isn’t participating in spirits drive you! Or Uber! Or a cab! Or your 17 year-old kid that is just down the road!

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!


Jonathan Ripps is a former Assistant District Attorney with a criminal law practice in New City, New York. Jonathan appears in all courts in Rockland, Orange and Westchester County. Call Jonathan today for a FREE consultation. 845-709-6644. Jonathan is available 24/7. Jonathan appears regularly in Ramapo, Clarkstown, Stony Point, Orangetown, Haverstraw and all Justice and County Courts.

DWI – Rockland County to have checkpoints and extra patrols this week!

Please be mindful when partaking in adult beverages this week and over weekend. New York law enforcement will be on the lookout for those who are drinking and driving. If you find yourself in a bind, please call us, we are here to help you. HAVE A SAFE WEEKEND!


Call New City attorney Jonathan Ripps today for help. We appear in all Rockland Courts for DWI, DWAI, DWAI-Drugs, and all other criminal offenses. Call 845-709-6644 for a FREE CONSULTATION. Jonathan is an experienced former Assistant District Attorney.

FBI and Ramapo – another investigation….

Looks like the East Ramapo School District is being investigated for the potential diversion and misappropriation of federal funding.


Your Child may be a confidential informant for the police! PLEASE READ THIS!

Sunday night’s 60 minutes had a very interesting segment(s) concerning young kids, yes, kids, becoming confidential informants, behind their parents’ backs. I know arguments can be made supporting this practice, and arguments can be made against it. I have assisted many younger people in these types of situations, even one as young as 16. Please share this with your teens, especially the ones who attend school far way. Obviously, the best rule of thumb is to not have any involvment with marijuana and other drugs. This is still something you should watch. It happens, everywhere, including your own backyard.

If you would like to speak with New City lawyer, Jonathan Ripps, call today at 845-709-6644 for a FREE cosultation. Former Assistant District Attorney.


3 speeding tickets or 11 points = goodbye license!

Hi there –  if you are lucky enough to be convicted of 3 speeding tickets within any 18 month period (that includes the date of the offense), you will lose your privilege to drive in NY. The suspension will depend on your overall driving record. Similarly, if you accumulate 11 points within that same time period, the same result will occur.  Additionally, you will be mandated to pay DMV assessments (hundreds of dollars) for a 3 year period.

If you have a few tickets pending now, don’t fret. Call our office in order to discuss alternatives, as well as how to approach and strategize your situation. There is a good chance we can prevent a suspension. Call us today to discuss your scenario!

Call Jonathan Ripps to discuss your traffic tickets, and get the right attorney on your side! We appear in every court in Rockland, frequently!

Jonathan Ripps – 845-709-6644 – Call us now!

Possessing even a tiny amount of drugs is a crime in NY

Criminal Possession Of A Controlled Substance

Factoid: Possessing even a tiny amount of a controlled substance, or one pill, or one deck is a crime in New York. If you or someone you know has a pending drug charge, call us today. We can assist in finding an appropriate treatment setting as well as obtain a favorable resolution.www.rippslaw.com

FACEBOOK HOAX: No need to cut and paste any legal notice on your profile! JONATHAN BRADFORD RIPPS, ESQ.

Facebook HOAX: “Better Safe Than Sorry” – don’t fall for it!

Every year, I see a tremendous amount of facebook users cutting and pasting the same legal notice that advises facebook and the rest of the world that their posts are not to be used, etc., etc. This is a myth, a HOAX.

First, Facebook does NOT own any of the materials that you post, such as your photos. However, if you post publicly, anyone can see those contents and there is no way to guage what the public may do with your materials. It is important to note that Facebook does not make any claim of ownership of such property in their agreement. Secondly, even if Facebook did claim ownership, and you agreed to that by “clicking to accept the agreement”, one cannot simply make a “public” announcment that they do not agree with a term any longer. That is not effective measure. See the Snopes article below for more information. AND PLEASE STOP CUTTING AND PASTING THE LEGAL NOTICE! It is NOT better to be safe than sorry!

DWI and Refusing To Submit To A Breathalyzer – ORANGE ROCKLAND WESTCHESTER

DWI and Refusing To Submit To A Breathalyzer – ORANGE ROCKLAND WESTCHESTER

If you have been stopped for DWI / DUI / DWAI, you will most likely be asked to undergo some field sobriety tests. These could include the Gaze Nystagmus Test (where you are asked to follow an object with your eyes), the Walk and Turn test, Alphabet test, Finger To Nose test, or some other similar tests. You may even be asked to submit to a roadside test called an Alcosensor. This is a small device that can be utilized in order to see if you have alcohol in your system. This is NOT to be confused with an actual breathalyzer machine, which is administered at the police deparmtnet. Additionally, if you are suspected to have a substance other than alcohol in your system that has impaired your ability to drive, you may also be asked to submit to additional tests by a DRE, or a Drug Recognition Expert. In the event the police would like a breath, blood or urine sample to analyze, you will be given standard warnings  about submitting to such a test. In a nutshell, in the event you don’t submit to a test, and you knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently refuse to submit to a breath or blood/urine test, your license WILL BE SUSPENDED AND POSSIBLY REVOKED FOR ONE YEAR on your first court date. CALL OUR OFFICE prior to your first court date so that you can have the benefit of counsel appearing at your arraignment and make any necessary arguments with regard to your license. There are severe, long term effects that may result from your refusal to submit to a chemical test. CALL US TODAY in order to discuss this crucial issue.

Have you been arrested for a DWI / DUI / DWAI in Rockland, Orange or Westchester County? If your case involves a refusal to take a chemical test, you have many more issues on your case that need to be addressed immediately. Call 845-357-3100 to get an attorney for defend your DWI / Criminal  matter.  We appear in ALL of the area courts, as well as courts Upstate. Jonathan Ripps is an experienced lawyer and he is ready to assist you now.

Cell Phone tickets – Rockland County – Do not pay without calling us! New City, Suffern, Ramapo and all courts

We have seen a large increase in cell phone violations in New York. Many in Clarkstown, Ramapo, Suffern and some other larger towns. You should note that if you send the ticket in with a guilty plea, you will accrue 5 points on your license. Additionally, and more importantly, the conviction is now classified as a “serious driving offense”, which can result in enhanced penalites as well as a LONG TERM negative impact on your license. Simply handling the phone to check the time is considered a violation. DO NOT PAY YOUR CELL PHONE VIOLATIONS without calling us to discuss your options. We can appear in court on your behalf as well. No need to take time off of work.


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